Over 61% of current NPD Panelists state ‘Making their opinions count’ as the primary reason they choose to participate in surveys with NPD Online Research. Your participation in surveys allows you to combine your opinion with the opinions of others to speak to some of the largest companies in the world. Market research studies have provided valuable information from consumers just like you which has helped companies create better web sites, guided the direction of a new automobile design, improved the packaging for a new piece of software and even lowered the price of a cereal offered in the marketplace.
Winning money or prizes is the 2nd largest reason why NPD Panelists participate in NPD Online Research surveys. When you participate in our surveys you are often entered into a drawing for a chance to win CASH and/or prizes. Just by completing your member profile you are automatically entered into a drawing to win $1,000.

Your participation in NPD Online Research surveys is quick and easy. You are able to voice your opinions in our surveys at a time that is convenient for you and your impact is almost immediate. Read How it Works! to get a better idea of what you can expect after becoming a member of the NPD Online Research Team.


Get Paid to Take Survey Online - $25 Paid to Take a 7 Minute Survey Online
Hopefully this article will answer most of your questions regarding paid survey sites. And I urge you to choose very carefully when signing up with a membership site. Make sure it is not scam and it delivers what it claims.
How Much Can I Get Paid to Take Survey Online? Well, it actually depends on you, but in some cases it also depends on the site you join. You can as much as you like, for example if you're willing to work and take 3-5 surveys every day then you can make some good extra money. Although, not all survey web sites pay good money.

Obviously, joining low paying survey sites are not a good idea and it's better to join something that pays more. This way you can do less work and earn more money and this is probably what everyone is looking for. You can get paid to take survey online up to $75 and now imagine how much money you can make with that kind of income!
What if I Live Outside US?
That's not a big deal, really. Lot's of survey sites offer surveys for people who live in different countries, so if you live in UK or Canada, or any other country you can take a survey online and get paid too! Of course, not all of them do that, so you should make sure before you join.

How Do I Get Paid to take Survey Online? Survey companies usually send cheques whenever you complete a survey but there are also other ways of receiving payment. For example if you have a PayPal account then you're ready to go and make some cash!
How to Pick a Good Survey Site? The best way to do so is to find a review and see what other members are saying about a certain web site. But first you need to find a survey site and then look for a review and then decide whether to join it or not.
A Little Summary.
Survey is a great opportunity to earn extra money online especially if you're a stay at home mom and need extra money. But before you join a survey site I recommend you read a review first. You can get paid to take survey online via cheque, PayPal or wire transfer and it doesn't matter where you live.
By Morten Olander
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