Here's a few tips and recommendation for you to remember when you fill out your surveys.

1. Always be honest when you do your surveys. Sometimes they'll be looking for someone who works in a particular field. Other times they want to make sure you don't work there. You've got a 50/50 chance of guessing the wrong answer so just be honest. If you're not accepted after the initial screening, there's always more to come. Some companies even pay you for your preliminary questionairre.

2. See if it's worth it! I'm often too busy to bother with a 20 minute survey that rewards you with another ballot in the monthly draw. I don't fill all these out. They sometimes tell you how much money you'll make and how long the survey takes. Again, if a 20 minute survey isn't worth 2 dollars, don't bother - but remember, that 2 dollars could be made by giving up a single game of Bejeweled and those 2 dollar surveys add up. If you're going to make $10.00 for a 10 minute survey - by all means do it! That's $60 an hour!

3. Set up a separate email address strictly for your surveys. You don't want a chance at the monthly draw lost to another chain letter or an ad for valium. The best way is to set one up with your internet service provider since they're free with your internet service.

4. The more market research companies you sign up with the better. If you sign up with 4 companies and stop, you won't be making too much. It takes a while and kind of sucks after the first 20 sign-ups, but by spending all that time retyping your information for each site, it will pay off in the long run. If you'd like a program to make your life easier, try using Roboform. I haven't tried it myself (did it by hand back then) but it might be helpful for you.

5. Be quick in responding to your surveys. You don't want the program filled by the time you've finished reading that last Tom Cruise gossip column.

6. Choose a username and password that's different than the other's you would normally use with email, banking etc. Pick a new username/password combo, write it down so you don't forget and then use that same combo for every one of the survey sites you sign up with. Trust me, if you have 200 different passwords you'll never know which is which.

7. Always read the first email the companies send you. A lot of people don't realize they have to click a link in their "welcome" email to confirm the email address. If you don't confirm your email for each of these companies you won't be receiving any survey invitations. It only takes a second and can be worth some good money!

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