Why do these companies pay people?

Each year, billions of dollars are spent on advertising and research by some of the biggest companies in the world. They want to make sure they're living up to what the customer wants so they pay the survey companies to conduct polls on public opinion about them. The research companies then pay you in turn for your time.

How much money will I make?

That's up to you. I've mentioned before that Americans will possibly make more money but that doesn't mean there's no money available to the rest of the world. Trust me, you will make money regardless of the country you live in, although, some countries will obviously have more survey invitations than others. If you live in Zimbabwe you will have nowhere near as many invitations as someone living in New York City, but you WILL receive them! The amount you make will depend on the number of surveys you do and how lucky you are when it comes to draws. If you start getting involved in focus groups you'll be getting a much higher compensation for your time because these usually require you to visit the research company's office.

So how much money is that?

Anywhere from $2.00 to $150.00 or maybe more. There's also the draws which can reach as high as $50,000.00. Again, it depends on the time you put into it and how lucky you are. I've had weeks where I've made $500 and other weeks I've only made $2.00. Remember, the more companies you sign up with the better chance of making more money.

What are the profile surveys for?

A lot of companies want you to fill out profile surveys on their own site. This tells them your interests and helps narrow down the selection of panelists they have to send invitations to. As boring as it can be at first, by all means fill these out! If you don't a lot of companies will not send you any surveys because they don't feel you're serious enough and they don't know anything about you.

I signed up with some survey companies before but got nothing but draws - there was no cash!
You obviously signed up with some of the wrong companies. In order to make this work you need your name everywhere. Picking 10 companies and then waiting is a waste of time in my opinion. If you want to make some extra cash be sure to sign up with all of them because the company you don't sign up with could be the paying kind.

But there's still a lot of draws!

Yes, there are, but there's also a good chance of winning the smaller ones. I fill these out depending on the compensation for my time and I don't fill all these surveys out unless I have time. I won't waste 1/2 hour to get another ballot in the annual draw. That's a complete waste of time to me because I'm not that lucky. As for the smaller draws, the odds are usually really good - 1 in 100 for example. I usually fill these ones out and it's paid off for me 4 times!

Why aren't you charging membership fees like the other sites?

Because I'm not a greedy person and I'm very honest - honest enough to tell you how I do make money off this site. First, there's the advertising which pays almost nothing. Second is the fact that these companies are so desparate for a large number of panelists that they will actually pay me to recruit new members for them. Yes, some of the larger companies in this website will give me a whole 50 cents to a dollar just for directing you to their site. I average about $2.00 per active visitor but I'm perfectly happy with that. I could be like the other sites and tell you about the $8000 I made last month taking surveys but I'm honest enough to tell you they're full of crap.

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